Secure your world with a digital product passport for all your belongings.

Yelo to protect your car, bike, home and all your goods

Yelo passports allow you to identify, enhance and protect all your goods.

  • You get a certificate of authenticity and ownership that serves as evidence for recovering your lost or stolen item, as well as for making insurance claims.

  • You enhance the value of your property by maintaining its lifecycle history, documents, and receipts, even post-resale.

  • You benefit from heightened protection: emergency services and the community can instantly reach out to you through our smart stickers or the serial number.

About Yelosquare

Find out how Yelo protects your bike, your car and everything at home:

Yelo for your bike

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Yelo for your car

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Yelo for your home

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Order Yelo QR code stickers

A unique secured QR code to protect your cars, bikes, houses and all your goods with a digital passport.

Autocollants Yelo
Autocollant Yelo avec code QR unique
Voiture protégée par Yelo
Maison protégée par Yelo
Vélo protégé par Yelo
Valise protégée par Yelo

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