Yelo for your home

It's a smart doorbell. Your neighbors or your delivery person will be able to contact you when you are not there by scanning the QR code on your door. Be notified of visitors and answer your door from your phone.

Yelo for your home

An emergency at home?

Your neighbors or the emergency services can notify you in the event of an accident, fire, water leak...

A Yelo QR code on your door
A new doorbell

Our stickers are weatherproof. Your visitors scan your QR code to be instantly connected with you.


Leave your specific instructions to the delivery person who can also write to you and send you a photo when he delivers your package. Your neighbors may also contact you if a package is left at your door. Let's fight theft together!

The delivery man send you a message
Protect your home with Yelo

A simple App

Once Yelo is stuck on your door, your visitors scan your QR code to send you a instant notification on your phone. Use chat to talk with your visitors in real time. You remain anonymous at all times.

I feel safe: a post-it for my car and another for my apartment. Anybody can send me an alert if there is a problem.

Chat in real time in Yelo App

Yelo, the digital product passport

Secure your world with a digital passport for all your belongings.


Give a digital life to all your assets and save their informations in one place.


Make your objects more sustainable.


Join a community of people helping each other to prevent theft and damage.

Voiture protégée par le code QR Yelo
Maison protégée par le code QR Yelo
Vélo protégé par le code QR Yelo
Valise protégée par le code QR Yelo

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